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Climate change is the paramount issue of our time.

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recent report, entitled Global Warming of 1.5°C, indicates that it is possible to stabilize the climate provided we act within the next decade to be globally carbon neutral by 2050. Indeed, having already warmed by 1°C already - since pre-industrial times - we are already seeing the impacts, especially in Canada.

British Columbia - Canada’s most westerly Province along the Pacific coast - is a hotspot to visualize and experience how global warming affects local environments and communities. Heat waves, droughts, melting glaciers, pest outbreaks, back-to-back record setting forest fires, and changes to the oceans.


Beyond Climate takes viewers beyond the headlines and into the heart of the issues. The film holistically connects the larger patterns of climate change with the human dimension, and what it looks like across BC from the top of the mountains to the depths of the oceans. Shot throughout the province over many years, the collective wisdom and perspectives of Indigenous leaders, local communities, scientists, and policymakers are featured.


Dr. David Suzuki - renowned scientist, broadcaster and environmentalist - helps guide the journey as the narrator of the film. But, David is more than just narrator, he’s a long-term resident of BC, having lived most of his life in Vancouver, and this film is part of his enduring legacy. Now, in his 80s, Suzuki reflects back on his life, how his home province is changing, and offers his personal perspectives on the environment, economy, and opportunity to navigate our complex future if we “pull back and give nature a chance.”


Addressing many of the pressing issues facing BC - from pipelines, liquified natural gas, salmon, and Indigenous rights - the film is a timely contribution to the province and country as we grapple with climate change, the paramount issue of our time.

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